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Happy Birthday to the lord ~

Credits: KAL, Tumblr; I made this for kattunlove last year and so I decided to re-use it.



Although I still have a couple of quizzes (I hate you, Wednesday) and the finals to go, I decided that I can probably afford to spend a little time and start shifting all my ficts to this new community: alchemic_sparkAnd since today is Koki's birthday, I shall begin with the KoKame multi-chapter and yes, I still owe people a bonus chapter. I'm sorry for flooding certain people's friends page /unrepentant 

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happy birthday koki-chuu!!!

and oh, will be watching the new comm!!!^^

Thank you for watching it <3

But I'll be spamming your friend page for quite a while as I transfer everything over to the new comm.

I'll make it up to you soon. I'm writing a new RyoDa, haha

no worries about the spamming.
it will give me an opportunity to see if i've read all your fics!^^

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