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It's raining today.
ueda-colours <3
With all the speculations of disbandment and stuff swirling around in the recent weeks, I don't think it is extremely shocking that bad news will be revealed soon. It's just a matter of the content which the bad news will contain. Koki has done something really stupid this time and KAT-TUN aren't exactly young anymore to have the privilege of time at their side. People forget about scandals but how long will it take? If a hiatus is imposed on the group, will KAT-TUN still be relevant when they finally or never make their comeback? Maybe this was the best decision reached during their last five member discussion and I'll respect it and continue to support the group and Koki.

I've seen extreme suggestions on Twitter but let's all take a moment and remember that Juri is still in the agency. Koki is an elder sibling; I'm sure he wouldn't want his younger brother to be implicated by his actions in any way. Moreover, I'm pretty sure JE will never revoke a decision of such severity.

October 9, 2013 will always be a heartbreaking day because I know Real Face wouldn't sound the same, ever. The gentle vocals at the beginning of Yuuki no Hana will be missed. I like Koki and his effervescence personality which shined during Cartoon KAT-TUN and the various Making Ofs for the group's PVs. Without him, the game corner probably won't feel the same either (if they still decide to carry on with it). It'll probably take some time before I can listen to a KAT-TUN song again without feeling saddened.

But I know Koki is someone who will carve his own path so I look forward to his future endeavours. It will be nice to hear if Koki pursued something related to animals...

I first knew about KAT-TUN in 2005 when my friend encouraged me to skip a school event and hide in the computer lab to watch Gokusen 2. There was slight interest but I never really liked them as a group till 2010 when a friend's friend invited me out and shared with me about 300GB worth of KAT-TUN-related programmes. Prior to KAT-TUN, I didn't like any idol groups and always thought it was a waste of time and money to support a group to such an extent. Now, my perspective is very much different. Life is always full of changes but people can always move on.

Hopefully, KAT-TUN and Koki will be able to achieve much more than they can now in the near future.

何人になっても KAT-TUNです。
ハイフンは ハイフンです。
Credits: Aomshiro_JFC@Twitter

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