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[sticky post]Introduction

Hello, welcome to my journal ~ I'm not sure why you're here since I'm probably one of the weirdest yet uninteresting person you'll ever find on the internet. Nonetheless, here's a short introductory post:

My favourite group in JE is KAT-TUN (kind of obvious) but I do pay very much attention to Arashi as well. Occasionally, I dabble in the KPOP fandom as well but it's pretty much restricted to Big Bang. I like to write whenever I have time because I'm sick of sticking solely to thesis papers and all that jazz. Actually, since this is beginning to sound pretty much like a repeat of what's on my profile page, I'll just end it abruptly with a .gif of Junno greeting anyone that ever bothers to read this, lol.

Last but not least, all fictions that I've ever written can be found in this community: alchemic_spark
There is no need to befriend me just to read any of my works. Not to mention, any updates are posted there as well.

Flailing posts of KAT-TUN will be open for everyone to read. Any personal posts will be locked.

Enjoy your visit here~ ヽ( ゚ヮ゚)ノ

PS: If you wish to add me as a friend, please drop me a comment in this post, mention it somewhere in my livejournal, or send me a message? I don't bite ♥ I'm fine with random adds unless I decide to clean my friends list but I probably won't add you back since I don't know you :(

Friends must at least interact with each other, right? ^__^

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Hi~! I noticed that you love Kat-tun (obviously lol) and I really adore them as well ^^ Is it okay if I add you as a friend? And then we can obsessed on these awesome boys together ne? :))

And I noticed all of your wonderful stories! I can't wait to read them all xD
Thanks in advance!

Haha, of course it's fine *adds you first* I'll look forward flailing with you then XD Especially JunDa ~ ♥

Haha, enjoy reading well! Hopefully they live up to your expectations ^__^

Thanks soooo much! *huggles* I look forward to flailing with you too! Oh yes! Especially JunDa! *.* Cause they're sooo adorable! xDD

Thanks! I will! ^___^

Konnichiwa... Rikarin desu ♥

I'm a KAT-TUN fan and my ichiban is Kame.

Can I add you as friend?

I think your journal is interesting~...

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