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Hello, welcome to my journal ~ I'm not sure why you're here since I'm probably one of the weirdest yet uninteresting person you'll ever find on the internet. Nonetheless, here's a short introductory post:

My favourite group in JE is KAT-TUN (kind of obvious) but I do pay very much attention to Arashi as well. Occasionally, I dabble in the KPOP fandom as well but it's pretty much restricted to Big Bang. I like to write whenever I have time because I'm sick of sticking solely to thesis papers and all that jazz. Actually, since this is beginning to sound pretty much like a repeat of what's on my profile page, I'll just end it abruptly with a .gif of Junno greeting anyone that ever bothers to read this, lol.

Last but not least, all fictions that I've ever written can be found in this community: alchemic_spark
There is no need to befriend me just to read any of my works. Not to mention, any updates are posted there as well.

Flailing posts of KAT-TUN will be open for everyone to read. Any personal posts will be locked.

Enjoy your visit here~ ヽ( ゚ヮ゚)ノ

PS: If you wish to add me as a friend, please drop me a comment in this post, mention it somewhere in my livejournal, or send me a message? I don't bite ♥ I'm fine with random adds unless I decide to clean my friends list but I probably won't add you back since I don't know you :(

Friends must at least interact with each other, right? ^__^

[Masterpost] N.Y. Publishing Firm
Title: N.Y. Publishing Firm
Pairing: en; possibility of ninja pairings
Additional Notes Kamenashi & Ueda as brothers.
Genre: AU; Humour / Crack
Summary: Nakamaru started his own publishing firm, and hired a capable secretary, a talented designer, a passionate pet and fashion journalist, and a sharp-tongued paparazzo to aid him to success. How will this weird group work together for the upcoming magazine issues and company events?
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Beta: My awesome sister <3
Author’s Note: Please take a look at the character list before reading to get a better understanding of their backgrounds!

[Master Post]
Character List

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Character List

Nakamaru Yuichi (Nickname: Nakamura) – Started as a regular salaryman. Used to work in a large publishing firm but did not move up the ranks despite slogging for 5 years after graduation. With sufficient money saved and a degree in journalism, he decided to start a small publishing firm and work towards his ambition of being an outstanding chief-editor in charge of a popular magazine.

Kameda Tatsuya – Older brother of Kazuya. Part-time boxer and full time loafer, till he got a job at N.Y. Publishing Firm as paparazzi. Using his good looks, and natural star quality, he always manages to enter movie previews without a pass (since Nakamaru’s firm was too small to ever get invited for a review) as if he is one of the minor actors. Born with a silver tongue, he can charm anybody into believing whatever he says (well, most of the time anyway).
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: Just needs a steady income to finance his boxing lessons, and doesn’t mind having a sucker boss to manipulate.

Kameda Kazuya – Younger brother of Tatsuya. After suffering an injury during a baseball practice session which rendered him unable to play professionally anymore, he needed to find an alternative decent paying job that will still enable him to keep in touch with pro baseball. Brings his baseball bat around everywhere he goes.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: After reading a classified ad that NxN magazine is looking for a sports columnist, he was confident of clinching the job given his passion and enthusiasm for baseball.

Tanaka Koki – Highly successful and popular fashion blogger. Displays great interest in writing for pet care, but does not get much of a positive feedback from his readers due to fashion lovers being the wrong target audience.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: On the surface, he joined the team as he feels the need to cater his great fashion tips to a wider population that does not read his blog, so that everyone can be dressed in the latest style like he does. However, he truly joined the magazine so that he can start and have his own pet care column as he is a strong advocate of animal rights and protection. Nakamaru happened to be the perfect boss he can push around to obtain his regular pet care column.

Taguchi Junnosuke – Son of a successful businessman. Wanted to test out readers’ reactions to his cooking recipes before he opens a Yakitori shop, which is his life-long ambition.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: Joined the firm as a designer as he is really good with the computer, as well as a part-time model to grace the cover page of NxN magazine since he doesn’t mind gaining popularity. Heard from his ex-classmate Koki that Nakamaru is an easy boss to push around, so there is a high chance of getting his own ‘3 Minutes Cooking with Taguchi!’ column if he agrees to work as a designer, which they are in desperate need of.

[Master List] The Dented Fender - Completed
Title: The Dented Fender
Pairing: Kokame
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU; Humour, Romance/Fluff
Summary: When pro-soccer player Koki drove under the influence and knocked down a go-go dancer, that marked the start of a beautiful relationship built upon blackmail.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Beta: My sister <3
Note: Prompt by mrs_koki which can be found here.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 (Final)


How fandom affected my ~life decisions~
Throughout university, one will be shocked at how much KAT-TUN / my idols have impacted my decisions. I made three major choices solely based on my love towards them and I'm glad I didn't end up in a mess (well, I did, sort-of, but I managed to iron it all out). I don't have any other writing outlets and I thought I ought to pen down the good times so... /blows dust off this page

#1 Creative Writing (CW)

I made most of my close friends in university during CW classes. And I solely took CW because I was writing fanfic then (and will be attempting to continue with it / at least complete some of the long ass 26 pages ones which I have abandoned out of sheer laziness). Prior to fanfics, I had always wanted to pursue a minor in psychology. Imagine the fun I would have been missing out.

I never expected to be good at it, having only scored B for my first introduction class. But as I progressed with fiction, playwriting, non-fiction and screenwriting, I could see vast improvements and eventually wound up with an A average across all the modules. I also fell so deeply in love with screenwriting and non-fiction that my bookcase looks very different now compared to before.

#2 Going to Japan

I never discovered my thirst for travelling alone and loved sticking in packs till I decided I needed to travel to Japan for a 6 months long exchange programme for KAT-TUN's concert. I also did not realise I could go without sleep for 56 hours and still function relatively well (e.g. climb a mountain / explore castle ruins LOL) As the youngest child in my family, I was constantly pampered and depended on my family a lot. But when I have a burning desire to see KAT-TUN LIVE in Fukuoka, I decided to pack up my bags and said bye #heartless

When I came back from the most magically experience, along with a new skill of crafting ceramics from clay, my school administrative staff basically gave me hell and I ended up having to take additional core modules due to module mapping issues. I ended up taking 8 core modules in one semester to ensure that I could graduated on time but that was also when my grades improved tremendously. I guess with a fire under my ass, I could work a lot better (?)

#3 FYP Project

When I had to submit my proposal for my graduation thesis, Joker Game was just showing and it was all about ~deception~ etc. So I got really interested in that topic and jumped into the deep end of the pool because 1) I discovered SG had 0 researches done on this topic ever so I had to be a pioneer of sorts?!?! 2) My supervising prof knew jackshit about it I later found out this applies to the entire department 3) Extremely little resources and 0 guidance

I was about to give up and switch topics but the Joker Game poster on my bedroom wall told me no. So I listened to it and stuck with a "groundbreaking pioneer study" in the local context. Imagine my surprise when my grade returned as an A+ instead of a "F you are retained".

My motivations cannot be any wrong-er than this.

Overall, I think idols have been a positive impact in my life :DDb My wallet disagrees.


So two weeks ago I officially graduated from university and will be stepping into the working force. The only real regret I have is spotting a job related to my degree (and fyp) too late into the job hunting months and I've already accepted another one even though they got back to me within 3 days. Being the low risk taker, clearly I didn't turn away my existing job offer for a ~maybe~. But then again I feel that the learning curve is steep so hopefully I take interest in being constantly exposed to new things (because I like learning).

I also hope that I can get back into the groove of jpop because frankly, I haven't really been following KAT-TUN closely since early 2015 due to the avalanche of work I got myself into after returning from Japan. And when I finally save up enough money after months of work slavery, my wish is that KAT-TUN would have fully recharged and return with a concert announcement <3

After all this years, my motivations are / will never be in the right places. 

Happy Birthday Ueda + 43 Days in Japan and counting! \o/
ueda-colours &lt;3


I really wanted to go to the JE shop @ Shinsaibashi, Osaka to make an Ueda shrine but time hasn't been on my side since I moved to Japan for my one semester long exchange. Everyday is a constant rush because the Japanese have ridiculously large amount of homework in their curriculum which I'm not used to. BUT WHEN I GET TO THE JE SHOP NEXT WEEK (fingers crossed that the typhoon won't disrupt my Monday plans to JE Shop), I WILL RAID AND BUY ALL THE BLONDE!JUNNO AND BLONDE!UEDA PHOTOS *__* screams

But in all seriousness, if I hadn't known about KAT-TUN and hadn't fallen so madly in love with them, I probably won't have chosen Japan for my exchange and have a shit ton of fun, nor would I have known what I should do after graduation.

Come Here Concert Ramblings XDCollapse )

Osaka & KyotoCollapse )

Note: If anyone wants it really badly, I can probably mail it to you, provided that you pay for the postage. Because I have no idea how much it takes to post phamplets. If you want more, I can probably take more the next time I pass by a cinema..? *sheepish smile*

It's raining today.
ueda-colours &lt;3
But it wouldn't rain forever.Collapse )

Happy 30th Birthday, Ueda ~
ueda-colours &lt;3

Please continue slaying fangirls with your hotness for many more years to come /o/

Generally I don't make icons but since it's a special occasion...

20 Ueda Icons

[Click here to view!]
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004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020
Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.

Sources: 1, 2

Please credit if you're taking any ^__^

I know Mouse Peace was a long time ago but recently mixedstrategy gave me the photobook for my birthday (can't stop feeling grateful) and I flip through it everyday like an obsessive freak. It has its special position in my house whereby it's practically only an arm's length away from my laptop <3

And if anyone is interested,  I wrote a Nakamaru / Ueda story here. Feel free to request for a drabble there too even though it might take days/months for it to be completed.

Somehow, 4 October has become a really special and happy day for me each year ♥♥♥


Website: Solio #stalkingitforever


Ueda is like, super cute throughout the entire thing. And Taguchi looks better with each year ;_;
I kinda want to say that I don't ever want your blonde hair back? 

TaNaka looking great together too :3 And Kame, wry you looking so handsome lately. 
I can feel my bias shifting.

I want their new song to be announced soon so I know when to begin saving \o/ 

So getting it T___________T

Shall stalk tumblr for gifs and picture spams as I march off my exams later. 

- abrupt end to senseless, incoherent post -

Happy Birthday to the lord ~

Credits: KAL, Tumblr; I made this for kattunlove last year and so I decided to re-use it.



Although I still have a couple of quizzes (I hate you, Wednesday) and the finals to go, I decided that I can probably afford to spend a little time and start shifting all my ficts to this new community: alchemic_sparkAnd since today is Koki's birthday, I shall begin with the KoKame multi-chapter and yes, I still owe people a bonus chapter. I'm sorry for flooding certain people's friends page /unrepentant 

Massive Flailing
All in the happy spirit of Halloween, I present to you... 

Credits: kaury

The KAT-TUN の 100% OO ! Post \o/ *sprays glitter and confetti* 

Trick from mixedstrategy: Since I know that Junno is always 100% in your heart, find 5 pictures, one of each KT member, that you think would make 100% of ordinary people think that they are XXX (eg. funny, crazy, sexy, etc) You may tweet them or post them in your journal.

Although she only asked for photos, being the extremely dramatic and flaily fan that I am, I'm sorry I inserted chunks after chunks of description. But without further ado, let's get the ball rolling ~ My hand suffered spasms from linking so many photos so please click on each and every link, thanks ~ 

Nakamaru Yuichi - 100% Dorky  

The gap in his mouth and his teeth! *gasp*

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but... #beginsrambling At this time of age, which idol will still willingly allow himself to be put in this unflattering angle and still look so adorable? T___T Frankly, I would have put 100% Magical if not for the fact that ordinary people would probably ignore me if I approach them on the streets and scream about how this awkward-looking idol who chews on chocolate and allows random sticks/strings to poke out of his mouth can turn into someone so attractive ♥ Isn't it pure magic that he doesn't have to strike any pose and *bam!* he can still look oh-so-stunning? And just by wearing spectacles, he turns up the temperature up by notches! How is that even possible? 

Credits: starhurricanepierr-soul, wafha09, there's one photo which I can't find the original source so please let me know if it's yours and I'll credit you accordingly ~ 

Ueda Tatsuya - 100% Child-like! 

Those damned lace gloves... *sobs* Of course it's about how adorable he looks when holding the bear! Doesn't he remind you of a happy kid?

Against my better judgement, I decided not to write about his rippling abs because that aspect would probably cause my heart to suffer as I look for the best photo. Of course, besides how cute I've labelled him as, one must never forget how freaking ethereal he can look as well. And within a blink of an eye, he exudes this intensity and nose-bleeding inducing ability that is probably unrivalled. 

Credits: captain_u, mikurumikichan, I dug out photos from two years ago which I cannot remember the credits for so please please please let me know if the photos / .gifs are yours. 

Tanaka Koki - 100% Wild!

Because eating with a fork and knife is too mainstream yo! Defying heat is the way to go. 

If you're a rocker, remember those words! He exudes badass, mr. attitude, and carries off the punk style like he was born to do it! Of course, overlooking his image and searching deeper, Koki is the sweetest person you can ever find. His love for animals is phenomenal too and one must never ​forget how he can totally pull off the cute and embarrassed look so well! Totally random, but I must include how HOT he looks while being blonde

Credits: KAL, respective tumblr owners

Taguchi Junnosuke - 100% Ikeman! 

Screw the programme results! How can anyone say he doesn't look... *urgh, I can't bring myself to continue it*

Whenever I show a photo of KAT-TUN to my friends, they would automatically single Taguchi out and mention how handsome he looks. I seeked public opinion too okay? Besides being multi-talented (billards, tap dancing and juggling are probably just a few to name), he looks flawless at every angle (front to the side!) and can channel that!intensity with a mere flick of his fingers *gasp* And that's not all! How can I miss the fact that he probably suits every single hairstyleespecially blonde (what is this flawlessness that my mere mortal brain is unable to comprehend?) ♥ *swoons* I need a moment to hyperventilate and calm myself down so here's a gif to blow your mind.

Oh, my heart #dramatic

Credits: art_of_clarity, KAL, tanaka_kyoudai, ahlan@weibo, kissmegreen, art_of_clarity 

Kamenashi Kazuya - 100%Sexy!

I have no idea what action / move he is trying to emulate but it's still hot. 

Seriously, I have no idea how Kamenashi achieves it but he oozes appeal even if he is just staring at some corner or doing silly actions. From those perfectly arched eyebrows to his megawatt smile, there is no limit to how amazing he can look. Even if given the weirdest roles, he turns each and every of his character into perfection. He is the only member of KAT-TUN whom I've watched all dramas of; there's this strange magnetizing and mesmerizing attraction to him ~  

He is such a monster for stealing my heart *sighs...* 

Credits: weibo, KAL, kamera_korner, once again, there are some photos whom I have no idea who the original sources are so please let me know!

I can barely form any coherent words after being exposed to so many flawless photos so I'm going to conclude my post. Thanks for bearing with me and I hope this fulfills haiiro_yosei's trick! >3


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