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Happy Birthday Ueda + 43 Days in Japan and counting! \o/
ueda-colours <3


I really wanted to go to the JE shop @ Shinsaibashi, Osaka to make an Ueda shrine but time hasn't been on my side since I moved to Japan for my one semester long exchange. Everyday is a constant rush because the Japanese have ridiculously large amount of homework in their curriculum which I'm not used to. BUT WHEN I GET TO THE JE SHOP NEXT WEEK (fingers crossed that the typhoon won't disrupt my Monday plans to JE Shop), I WILL RAID AND BUY ALL THE BLONDE!JUNNO AND BLONDE!UEDA PHOTOS *__* screams

But in all seriousness, if I hadn't known about KAT-TUN and hadn't fallen so madly in love with them, I probably won't have chosen Japan for my exchange and have a shit ton of fun, nor would I have known what I should do after graduation.

More than a month ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze a side trip to Fukuoka before my university started and watch the Come Here concert. I reached late and only joined the queue at 12:30pm (when the merchandise started selling). And just before I reached the goods area, THE BRACELETS HAD TO SELL OUT. But all in all, queuing was a lot shorter and at 1:30pm (after an hour since the start), there was no queue at all. From what I can understand and make out, the fans around me were comparing how short the queue was in comparison with another JE group which will have their concert next month.

TRUST ME, IT'S HARD TO PHOTOGRAPH WHEN YOU BOUGHT A SHIT TON OF CON GOODS AND YOU WEREN'T PREPARED ENOUGH TO BRING A TOTE BAG. I came like 4 ~ 5 hours before the concert and since the queue wasn't long, I had time to burn.

If you have an extremely weak digestive system like I do + feeling sick due to fatigue from flying all over the place + lack of sleep, eat something light before the concert. Do not eat a full meal. I've learnt my lesson.

The queue to enter the concert venue was pretty quick and they don't really check your tickets. But then again, that could be because I got in an hour earlier to rest because I was feeling so ill :(

The people were REALLY STRICT about handphones so I have no idea how paparazzi are able to shoot really clear photos during the concert and sell them. Are they god-like photographers or what. Ngl, I almost threw up when the concert started because the music is literally pounding and my stomach was so queasy. I was pretty unfortunate to be seated near some really rude fans because they kept shouting among themselves during the concert and they kept moving out to visit the toilet = constantly stomping on my feet + they didn't apologize = thanks a lot, assholes.

I do think that Taguchi smiles at anyone who holds his uchiwa. I was pretty lucky to be near the aisle so I managed to see every member really up close as they pass by. Nakamaru has really nice fingers.

The concert was good and I've forgotten all the really tiny details but omg, Junda and Nakame interaction *_* My flaily heart. I was so glad to catch a glimspe of Taguchi during Ueda's solo and initially, I thought that was the norm because I hadn't been reading any concert report so that I can enjoy the concert without spoilers. Random side note but I discovered my friend living a storey above travelled to Hiroshima a week or two later for KT's concert as well. I HAVE A FRIEND NOW.

I literally walked back from the concert venue to my accommodations because getting on a bus / taxi is IMPOSSIBLE. The closest + most decent accommodations I could land myself for the countdown is 30 minutes by walking so I'm not looking forward to that, especially since countdown ends pretty late :(

Never realised that the mousepad was face palming Taguchi's face.

I coudn't decide which photoset to get so I just got the group one /_\ I should have planned properly but flying from Singapore to Taiwan, then Osaka, then barely resting for the night before flying to Osaka was insane.

IMHO, THE BEST RAMEN IN JAPAN. PERIOD. I've tried Tokyo's and Sapporo's but none was as nice as Hakata's.

I didn't spend all my time in Fukuoka for fangirling purposes but somehow it turned into another fangirling trip.

I hate red beans but since KAT-TUN mentioned it, I MUST GET IT? I wanted to go Kumamoto but decided it was too far away for a day trip. But looking back, I should have :(


My money is literally bleeding out of my wallet due to these cute.. things. Idek what they are, all I know is that I want it.

Take a photo of any shop that has a photo of Kame. She did refuse to sell me the croquette though. I'm still wondering why.

I haven't seen any aoki posters yet except for one. But I only see it when I ride a bus so I haven't been able to snap a photo of it at a timely moment. And before I start to seem like a totally shallow fangirl (which I am proudly one), I shall show how beautiful Japan can be as well, humans aside.

I really love Kyoto. I never get tired of that place!


It feels like a must to attend a baseball game when you are in Japan because the atmosphere is just INSANE. You will meet a lot of merry + drunk people but also ultimate assholes who get so drunk they will begin to assault people (for real). But people do step in to stop them; you just have to navigate yourself as far as possible from the drunkards when that happens.

After the seventh inning - balloons!

The nearest sushi shop near my accommodations is in a place called Taguchi.

And they serve pretty darn good takoyaki and sushi.

Surprisingly I haven't been seeing much of them around in Osaka, hmm..

Will probably not watch it on its release day since cinemas will be too full + clashes with the same date as my Big Bang concert!

Below are just some more things you can do in Osaka/Kyoto ~

01. Make fake sushi samples.

02. Try the black burger.

03. Visit the floating garden 173m above ground. Not advisable during winter cause there's no shelter.

04. Visit a field and dig for sweet potatoes.

05. Yakiniku BUFFET ~ All you can eat for just slightly more than 2,000 yen! I love カルビ, whatever part it comes from the cow.

06. Universal studios, Harry Potter.

Avoid weekends because the queueing is just insane. 200 minutes for a ride will be the norm.

The park employees will bring out this really handsome owl from time to time.

I like how it just swivels and turns but the tea never overflows.

I was unfortunate enough to caught in the halloween event because (a) THE ZOMBIES ARE SCARY AS HELL AND THEY WILL MOB YOU (b) the explosion effects are pretty sudden and loud. Some babies started crying at this point, lol.

At the non-zombie zone. Where things are peaceful and quiet ~

07. Sign up for ceramics classes. I was fortunate enough to be able to join one because my university offers it as a module. It's pretty intensive and you really learn all aspects of ceramics. And you're able to draw demented pusheens.

When your teacher begins to judge you, draw something artistic.

But then your retarded self will always surface up once more.

08. Learn the Kansai-ben.

I like it a lot compared to the Tokyo dialect because it sounds cuter. Like お腹がパンパン、ほんま?、~なや

Thus far, my stay in Japan has been ~pretty awesome~ and I'm looking forward to the upcoming months. But if there is one thing I have to diss about Osaka, it would be the traffic. People literally DO NOT stop at pedestrian crossings. As the common saying among the locals goes, the moment they turn on their ignition, they switch off their brains. You can wait for an eternity at a busy road and no cars will be willing to stop for you.

Warning: Results may vary according to individuals. I will not be reliable for any injuries. Attempt at your own risk.

1) Looking around both sides of the road.
2) Try to maintain eye contact with the car owner charging in your direction.
3) Step out regardless and pray they brake on time. GIVE UP and wait for a bit more if the upcoming car is a sports car. You do not want to take the risk!

I had the opportunity to talk with an individual who has been to Singapore and she was surprised how almost all cars will stop at pedestrian crossings. I thought the Japanese would be a bit more conscious about it but no! No wonder their rate for traffic accidents is pretty high..

And since it isn't nice to end on a bad note, here's something awesome!

Note: If anyone wants it really badly, I can probably mail it to you, provided that you pay for the postage. Because I have no idea how much it takes to post phamplets. If you want more, I can probably take more the next time I pass by a cinema..? *sheepish smile*


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