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[Masterpost] N.Y. Publishing Firm
Title: N.Y. Publishing Firm
Pairing: en; possibility of ninja pairings
Additional Notes Kamenashi & Ueda as brothers.
Genre: AU; Humour / Crack
Summary: Nakamaru started his own publishing firm, and hired a capable secretary, a talented designer, a passionate pet and fashion journalist, and a sharp-tongued paparazzo to aid him to success. How will this weird group work together for the upcoming magazine issues and company events?
Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody.
Beta: My awesome sister <3
Author’s Note: Please take a look at the character list before reading to get a better understanding of their backgrounds!

[Master Post]
Character List

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Character List

Nakamaru Yuichi (Nickname: Nakamura) – Started as a regular salaryman. Used to work in a large publishing firm but did not move up the ranks despite slogging for 5 years after graduation. With sufficient money saved and a degree in journalism, he decided to start a small publishing firm and work towards his ambition of being an outstanding chief-editor in charge of a popular magazine.

Kameda Tatsuya – Older brother of Kazuya. Part-time boxer and full time loafer, till he got a job at N.Y. Publishing Firm as paparazzi. Using his good looks, and natural star quality, he always manages to enter movie previews without a pass (since Nakamaru’s firm was too small to ever get invited for a review) as if he is one of the minor actors. Born with a silver tongue, he can charm anybody into believing whatever he says (well, most of the time anyway).
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: Just needs a steady income to finance his boxing lessons, and doesn’t mind having a sucker boss to manipulate.

Kameda Kazuya – Younger brother of Tatsuya. After suffering an injury during a baseball practice session which rendered him unable to play professionally anymore, he needed to find an alternative decent paying job that will still enable him to keep in touch with pro baseball. Brings his baseball bat around everywhere he goes.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: After reading a classified ad that NxN magazine is looking for a sports columnist, he was confident of clinching the job given his passion and enthusiasm for baseball.

Tanaka Koki – Highly successful and popular fashion blogger. Displays great interest in writing for pet care, but does not get much of a positive feedback from his readers due to fashion lovers being the wrong target audience.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: On the surface, he joined the team as he feels the need to cater his great fashion tips to a wider population that does not read his blog, so that everyone can be dressed in the latest style like he does. However, he truly joined the magazine so that he can start and have his own pet care column as he is a strong advocate of animal rights and protection. Nakamaru happened to be the perfect boss he can push around to obtain his regular pet care column.

Taguchi Junnosuke – Son of a successful businessman. Wanted to test out readers’ reactions to his cooking recipes before he opens a Yakitori shop, which is his life-long ambition.
Reasons for joining N.Y. Publishing Firm: Joined the firm as a designer as he is really good with the computer, as well as a part-time model to grace the cover page of NxN magazine since he doesn’t mind gaining popularity. Heard from his ex-classmate Koki that Nakamaru is an easy boss to push around, so there is a high chance of getting his own ‘3 Minutes Cooking with Taguchi!’ column if he agrees to work as a designer, which they are in desperate need of.

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Very interesting premise you got here.

Saw ur 1st chapter, but I'm kinda short of time right now...*pout*

Will comeback to read it~

this sound intresting!!!!

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